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Paragon Services Engineering is a Woman Owned Small Business. It operates as a full-service facilities operations and maintenance company employing over 200 technicians, engineers, tradesmen, shipping and receiving employees who operate, maintain, clean, and manage over 75 million square feet of real estate. From downtown high-rise to suburban campuses, industrial parks and shopping centers, we provide complete facilities maintenance solutions.

Paragon Services Engineering has distinguished itself as a premier services provider maintaining many of the region’s landmark facilities. Paragon Services Engineering has used this position in the market to advocate responsible industry development and advance sustainable building operations initiatives. As a locally based company, Paragon Services Engineering invests considerably into the community by providing market-leading compensation for its employees, spearheading educational initiatives, and advancing local causes.

We pride ourselves as having the best qualified employees within the industry in positions that match their skills with position requirements. To achieve this, we utilize a very comprehensive recruitment process and provide continuing education opportunities and monthly training programs instructed by industry specialists which is open to all engineers and property managers.

Paragon Services Engineering is on the forefront of green technology. We work with our clients to advocate sustainable green operations and actively partner with suppliers to develop industry best practices.

Over the past twenty-five years, Paragon Services Engineering has consistently delivered industry-leading service. Originally founded in 1999 as San Diego Services, LLC, by our founder Lloyd P. Scates, Paragon Services Engineering’s reputation for providing unparalleled service at competitive rates quickly expanded our client base outside San Diego County. We developed the capabilities that made us successful into other markets. Currently, Paragon Services Engineering provides comprehensive engineering solutions to our customers in San Diego, Orange and Los Angeles Counties, Inland Empire, Northern California and Nevada. We take great pride that our success is directly related to our customers’ confidence in our work and look forward to the opportunity to prove to you why we have earned our standing as a leader in the building maintenance operations and engineering services industry.

Rosemary Dymek

Rosemary Dymek
Paragon Services Engineering
c 619-587-5066

Wesley S. Dymek

Wesley S. Dymek
Paragon Services Engineering
c 619-571-1133

Eric B. Dymek

Eric B. Dymek
Paragon Services Engineering
c 858-524-4700

Wesley S. Dymek

Wesley S. Dymek - Principal

Wesley Dymek is a successful engineering and management professional with a diverse history of providing services to a variety of manufacturing and commercial real estate industries. Over the past, Wesley has developed a comprehensive background in the development and implementation of Total Maintenance Management (TMM) and Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) solutions. He was successful providing training and staff development at numerous facilities throughout the country. Prior to joining Paragon Services, Wesley was responsible for multiple high-profile projects including the total facilitation of 120mm combustible tank ammunition production for NATO countries. Also, he was responsible for the development and management of processes producing wiring components for the space shuttle wire harnessing systems.

In his current position with Paragon Services Engineering, Wesley oversees and directs all engineering operations in their California and Nevada markets.

He is an active member of the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) of San Diego and Orange counties, the San Diego Building Engineers Association (SDBEA), as well as the Association for Facilities Engineering (AFE). A graduate of Pennsylvania State University, Wesley holds degrees in Electrical Engineering and Management.

Rosemary Dymek is an individual who is able to build relationships, trust, and rapport with almost anyone, and then be able to broker those relationships and make connections between people, creating partnerships and alliances, and motivating forward momentum ‘to get things done’. With an enthusiastic and genuinely friendly attitude, Rosemary radiates a sincere commitment and passion for delivering value and benefits to Paragon Services Engineering customers.

Leveraging on her ever expanding portfolio of qualifications covering accounting, contract administration, legal compliance, purchasing agent, insurance professional, and construction operations manager in her previous career positions, proves her flexibility in responding to various conditions and the ability to meet and exceed corporate goals and objectives.

Rosemary’s career includes leadership positions at construction companies, insurance brokerage firms, law firms, and school districts, where she handled complex systems implementation and development of internal control policies, team building, and operational streamlining.

Rosemary has been, and remains active with community services in developing and guiding our youth on the path of preparation and readiness for future careers. She was a volunteer with the US Naval Sea Cadet Corp, rising to the rank of Commanding Officer of Gunfighter Squadron and Training Ship Top Gun at MCAS Miramar. The organization is dedicated to developing and building exemplary citizenship and strong moral principles in our youth that may have the vision and passion for military careers.

In her current position, she brings the ability for oversight of setting strategy, vision, and company culture, to meet the needs of employees, business partners and communities.

Rosemary Dymek

Rosemary Dymek – Principal

Eric Dymek

Eric Dymek – Chief Operating Officer

Eric Dymek has climbed the ladder of success from an intern in the facilities maintenance industry to become the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Paragon Services Engineering. With an impressive background in both the military and technical education, Eric has a broad range of knowledge.

Eric embarked on his career in facilities maintenance in 2012 when he joined the high-profile buildings in San Diego as an intern. Working under the guidance of experienced Chief Building Engineers, he swiftly acquired invaluable multi-trade technical and operational knowledge. Through several years of hard work and diverse assignments, Eric’s dedication paid off, earning him a position on the management team at the corporate headquarters as an Assistant Operations Manager.
Demonstrating his exceptional skills and leadership abilities, Eric quickly rose through the ranks, eventually assuming the role of Director of Logistics & Operations. His unparalleled commitment and expertise propelled him to the coveted position of Chief Operating Officer. Today, Eric stands as a testament to the belief that hard work, determination, and continuous learning can lead to remarkable achievements.

Before his remarkable career in facilities maintenance, Eric’s journey began with his graduation from San Marcos High School. Immediately after, he enlisted in the U.S Navy and underwent Avionics Technician (Intermediate) Training in Pensacola, Florida. His skills as an Avionics Electronics and Maintenance Technician were honed on various U.S. Navy aircraft, including deployments on the USS Nimitz CVN-68 and USS Ronald Reagan CVN-76. During his eight years of service, Eric played a crucial role in aircraft maintenance, ensuring successful missions and supporting strategic operations. After an honorable discharge from the Navy, Eric pursued further education at San Diego City College, where he obtained an HVAC/R Engineering Certificate. His commitment to professional development is evident through his EPA Universal 608 certification and BOC. Eric’s dedication to mastering his craft and staying abreast of the latest industry advancements showcases his passion for excellence.

Eric is an active member of many professional organizations such as the San Diego Building Engineers Association (SDBEA), Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) of San Diego, and BOMA Orange County. His involvement in these associations highlights his commitment to staying connected with fellow professionals and contributing to the industry’s growth. Eric’s role in Paragon Services Logistics, a vital component of the corporation, cannot be overstated. His vast technical knowledge and experience are instrumental in the day-to-day operations of the engineering staff. As the COO, he plays a pivotal role in ensuring smooth logistics and efficient execution of projects. Eric presence brings a wealth of expertise to the company and underscores the importance of a strong and capable leadership team.

Eric Dymek’s remarkable journey from intern to Chief Operating Officer exemplifies the power of dedication, continuous learning, and a passion for one’s chosen field. His unwavering commitment to excellence, honed through years of experience in the U.S Navy and technical education, has paved the way for his extraordinary career. As Eric continues to make waves in the facilities maintenance industry, his story serves as an inspiration to all those striving to achieve their dreams through hard work and unwavering determination.

Luis Alvarez has been in the facilities management and engineering field for over 20
years with expertise in multiple real estate markets including commercial, industrial, retail,
hospitality, and residential. He began his career in facilities maintenance and operations when
he started as a janitor at a 16-story high rise in San Diego. During this time, his realized his
passion to move forward in the field of engineering. Eventually he worked his way up to Utility
Engineer. When he joined Paragon Services Engineering in 2000, as a roving engineer, the
company and his clients were quick to find that he had a tenacious drive and worked hard to
achieve growth in his career. He was continually promoted and achieved the Portfolio Chief Level position where he oversaw large tenant improvement projects while managing two major portfolios covering over 6 million square feet.

In his current role as Vice President of Operations, Luis is responsible for the companywide engineering operations and helps build relationships with our current family of clients. He has taken an active role in helping to open new markets in an effort to deliver engineering services to potential clients that are up to his standards. He combines his years in the engineering field with his leadership, management, and work ethic to bring his clients and engineers the best support possible.

Luis holds several certificates in HVAC, control systems,and mechanical design criteria. He is an active member in: San Diego Building Engineers Association, BOMA San Diego, BOMA Orange County, and IREM San Diego IYP. He plays a key role in the fundamental delivery of providing excellent service to each client while supporting and helping grow the careers for every Paragon engineer.

Luis Alvarez

Luis Alvarez – Vice President of Operations

Milton Williams, Jr.

Milton Williams, Jr. – Vice President of Operations

Milton Williams, Jr. precipitates valuable leadership and engineering experience. Formally he held positions in aerospace, commercial construction, and later transitioning into facilities management. Milton’s early career track has allowed him to gain an outside of the box thinking that helps to resolve numerous facilities-related challenges.

Milton brings over 18 years of building engineering experience starting as Lead Engineer, and progressing to Portfolio Chief, responsible for a wide range of buildings located throughout Los Angeles County, Orange County, and Inland Empire. The numerous property managers, tenants, engineers, and vendors he worked with daily, helped him gain a clear understanding of an ever-changing industry, and how to better service it.

Milton’s strong commitment to service, team building, and experience both operationally and technologically, allows for the necessary support to our engineering staff, and client partners. His primary responsibilities are to provide comprehensive engineering solutions for our customers and engineering staff.

Ike Stansberry brings to the team over 25 years of Facility Management/Engineering experience.  He started out as a Utility Engineer and worked his way up to Chief Engineer for multiple San Diego and Los Angeles Buildings. In 2019 Ike decided to take a leap and acquired his Facility Manager Certification. He has now taken another great leap to bring his knowledge, support, strengths and great ethics to his new role as Paragon Services Operations Manager where he will surely excel to the next level.

Ike is always meticulous and conscientious in his work ethics and leads by example to successfully complete deliverables and targeted goals. He writes with great detail, has strong analytical skills, detailed reporting, and critical documentation are in-line with the gold standards of the industry. Ike is a highly competent, well-rounded, and grounded individual who challenges himself every day. He has the determination, maturity, and intelligence to succeed in any endeavor and always maintains a positive attitude.

He exudes quiet confidence and has a vivid, outgoing, and friendly personality that allows him to get along with others very well in any setting. Ike is admired for his intelligence, sincerity, honesty, and integrity. He is a highly motivated individual with a thirst for continued knowledge. Ike Stansberry is truly a superior addition to our team.

Ike holds certificates in Facility Management, HVAC, JCI Controls, and Various OSHA Trainings. He is an active member of the Critical Facilities Management Group, MEP Group, as well as the Corporate Real Estate & Facilities Management Association.

Ike Stansberry

Ike Stansberry – Operations Manager

Angela Delgado

Angela Delgado – Director of Client Relations

After obtaining her Masters in Business Management Angela Delgado was given the opportunity to start working for Paragon Services Engineering as an Operations Support Specialist. Angela played a pivotal role in supporting the day-to-day tasks of the Operations team, ensuring smooth operations and efficient processes. Angela Delgado is a dynamic professional who has made significant contributions to Paragon Services Engineering since joining the company in April 2016.

With her exceptional skills and dedication, Angela quickly progressed within the organization and assumed the position of Office Manager. In this role, she demonstrated her ability to thrive in a challenging environment and adapt to evolving responsibilities. Angela’s commitment to professional growth led her to acquire a deep understanding of labor laws, enabling her to provide valuable assistance to the Human Resources department as an HR Assistant.

Continuing her upward trajectory, Angela Delgado has now taken on the role of Director of Client Relations. In this key position, Angela serves as a bridge between Paragon Services Engineering and its valued clients, ensuring excellent communication, fostering strong relationships, and providing exceptional customer service. Her ability to understand client needs and exceed expectations makes her a valuable asset to the organization.

Throughout her career at Paragon Services Engineering, Angela has showcased her exceptional work ethic, versatility, and dedication to excellence. Her comprehensive knowledge of the company’s operations, combined with her interpersonal skills and business understandings, make her an invaluable member of the team. Her educational background has also undoubtedly contributed to her success and ability to excel in various roles within Paragon Services Engineering.
As the Director of Client Relations, Angela Delgado continues to drive success, enhance client satisfaction, and contribute to the overall growth and reputation of Paragon Services Engineering

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